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At Lewis & Clark, we believe that people learn best, and flourish the most, when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences other than their own. Diversity creates the best educational environment, and inclusion speaks to our highest ideals.

Across all three schools that make up our institution, you will find:

  • lively exchanges animating classes and symposia focused on a wide range of diversity and inclusion issues;
  • students, faculty, and staff continuing and deepening those discussions in casual and formal settings around campus;
  • events and speakers that bring the latest thinking and fresh perspectives to our community;
  • students actively engaged in exploring their identities through clubs, organizations, and civic engagement;
  • a commitment to an inclusive, engaged community that is welcoming to all.

We invite you to explore our vision of diversity and inclusion at Lewis & Clark. 

L&C students, faculty, and staff: 



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  • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement 
    Voice: 503-768-7051

    Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
    Janet Steverson,
    Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence, incoming Dean of Diversity and Inclusion (beginning summer 2016)
    Voice: 503-768-6667