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Smoking Policy Implementation Review Team

The Smoking Policy Implementation Review Team consists of students, faculty, and staff from across the institution who meet periodically to review the institution’s current Smoking Policy, Designated Smoking Areas, problems that may arise with ongoing implementation of the policy, and other issues that surface relative to the Smoking Policy.

  • Smoking Policy Implementation Review Team Members, 2011-2014, are listed here. 
  • From 2011 to 2014, the Team was convened periodically by Michael Ford, former Associate Vice President for Campus Life, Office of the Vice President and Provost.
  • The Smoking Policy is found here.
  • The DSA location map is found here.
  • The September 19, 2013 DSA status report is found here.
  • ASLC Resolutions regarding DSAs, DSA upkeep, and DSA murals are found here.
  • Health information regarding tobacco use, second hand smoke, cessation services, Designated Smoking Areas and maps are noted here.
  • Smoking Policy Implementation Review Team meeting minutes are found here.
  • Memorandum regarding re-purposing of Platt DSA is found here.
  • Final decision (August 13, 2013) regarding conversion of Platt DSA to bike storage/repair station here.
  • Executive Council affirmation of current policy (December 2011) is found here.
  • 2012 American College Health Association-National Health Assessment results to additional questions regarding smoking and DSAs at Lewis & Clark is found here.
  • Memo (May 23, 2014) to Executive Council regarding changes in Smoking Policy to include vaporizing technologies (vaping) and e-cigarettes is here.



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