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Human Subjects Research Committee

Forms and Instructions

The HSRC application must include a signed Cover Form, a signed Confidentiality Agreement, and a written proposal that answers or incorporates all seven of the application questions listed in the Manual.  The Manual is intended as a guide and provides basic information about how to complete your application. Please read the Manual and instructions carefully and answer or incorporate all the application questions into your research proposal.

Once completed, the application must be submitted, along with all supporting materials (consents, surveys, interview protocols, etc.) to

You will also need to submit the original signed Cover Form and Confidentiality Agreement form via intercampus or postal mail.  Please include an electronic copy of these forms with your application to serve as a place holder until your original signed copies are received. 



HSRC Manual, Application Instructions (pdf)

HSRC Model Informed Consent (pdf)


Short Form Application (for Exempt Status Only)

HSRC Short Form Application for Exempt Status


HSRC Word Forms

HSRC Cover Form: Required (doc)

HSRC Confidentiality Agreement Form (doc)