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CPP Apple Intro

Students, staff and faculty of Lewis & Clark College are eligible for an educational discount on Apple items.  To buy an Apple computer with your educational discount, please go to the Apple Education Store or take your Lewis & Clark ID to an Apple Store, such as the one in the Pioneer Place Mall.  




iPad 2

A step between a laptop and an iPod
The iPad 2 is the best way to experience the web, email,
photos, and video, hands down.





The most affordable Apple laptop, it is quite a little powerhouse.





MacBook Air

Ultra thin, but without an optical drive (CD/DVD drive) or much speed, this laptop is a true road warrior for those who have another computer at home.



MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

A step above the rest.  Protected inside its aluminum unibody, this laptop has power to spare and comes in sizes up to 17 inches.






For when you have all the peripherals and just need a new CPU.  Great for switching from a PC desktop to a Mac.  Now with specs equivalent to MacBooks.







Sleek, streamlined,

and with a giant, high quality screen.






For when you just want power.







All the fun of your music library,

in one little package. 




AppleCare Warranty

Extends the warranty on any Apple product.

System Status

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    Targeted emails, requesting personal information, have recently been received by the LC community.  If you receive one of these phishing email, delete it right away and don’t click on any links contained within the message.  If you have already clicked on the link, please reset your password immediately.  Please see the related news story for additional information. 


Information Technology

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