We are currently accepting requests. Estimated installation window is August - September 2013. We will contact you in August about the status of your request.

IT retains a limited pool of computers that are retired from primary service. We refer to them as Recycled Computers. A recycle computer has often been in service for three (3) to five (5) years. The computers is out of warranty and will not be repaired if it fails.

Usually a Recycle Computer is requested for use as a Student Employee workstation, special projects or in a laboratory. If you would like to request a Recycle Computer for your department, please fully complete the form below. Please complete this form for each Recycle Computer request. Multiple requests per submission will be deleted.

Requests are due to Information Technology by 5pm, July 20 for Fall semester and by 5pm, December 20 for Spring semester. Requests made after that will be considered and filled only as time and equipment allow. You must make requests by the deadline to ensure that they will be installed by the start of the semester.

While all computers have the ability to be connected to the network, it is your responsibility to confirm that the location in which the computer will be installed has the necessary network connectivity. Please contact Information Technology if you need assistance making this assessment.

If you are replacing a Recycle Computer, please back up all data to another location (external hard drive, USB flash drive, WebDisk, or Network drive). Due to the volume of student accounts on Recycle computers, it is impractical and unreliable for us to transfer any data to another Recycle computer. Furthermore, it is advised that no important data be stored on a Recycle computer. Data cannot be recovered if the hard drive fails.