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As stated in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy, technology resources provided by the College are made available to students, faculty, staff and approved guests primarily as tools for enhancing and facilitating teaching, learning, and scholarly research. It must be recognized that these resources are finite in nature and that the composition of the campus community is constantly evolving (new students are admitted while others graduate or leave and new staff and faculty replace those that have left the College).

The following policy describes the manner in which Information Technology provides access to the technology resources of the College.

The Law School may have additional policies in regards to alumni access. Please contact Law Computing Services at 503-768-6644 for more information.


A first-year alum is a member of the most recently graduated class of either the College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education and Counseling, or Law School.

An approved guest is qualified via sponsorship by faculty or staff in relation to stated intentions for the guest to provide academic and/or administrative support for the College.

An account is a user identification for network access issued through the Information Technology Department or other College computing support organizations.

Policy Statement

All students, first-year alumni, faculty, staff and approved guests are entitled to access the information technology resources at Lewis & Clark College. Some resources are reserved for particular use for some of the time and thus may not be available to all members of the community at all times.

Students, faculty and staff have priority over first-year alumni and approved guests for use of information technology resources.

Upon leaving the College, students who have not graduated and are not on official, College-recognized leave or vacation will have their accounts removed, and their access will be terminated.

Upon leaving the College, faculty and staff access will be terminated at the College's discretion after a period dependent on the circumstances for departure. There should be no expectation on the part of faculty and staff to maintain their access to the technology resources of the College after they leave the College. At the discretion of the College, accounts for faculty and staff may be archived and saved for a period not to exceed three months to facilitate the transfer of data files to their new location. The College reserves the right to oversee the transfer of any data. After three months, any such accounts will be removed and access will be terminated.

First-year alums may maintain student access to information technology resources through the end of the academic year in August, at which time they are moved to a space reserved solely for alumni for one year. Students who graduate in December maintain access for one year beginning with May commencement immediately following their graduation and, for the purposes of this policy, should be considered as having graduated in May of the year following their actual graduation. This access is provided to facilitate the transition period to continuing academic pursuits, or to assist as the first-year alum embarks on a new career.

Approved guest access will expire each May, or other such time as may have been approved on the initial application, with a one-month grace period to allow for sponsored reapplication. If an application for renewal is not received and approved within one month of the termination date, the guest account will be removed and access terminated.

Information technology resources must be used in accordance with the Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy and all other policies where applicable. Access to information technology resources may be suspended and/or revoked if there is evidence to suggest that the resources are being used in violation of College policies.

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