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Zero-Day Exploits or Vulnerabilities are those holes in computer applications that are attacked before software developers are even aware that they exist—the zero indicates the amount of time that the developers have had to patch the hole, as in none.  When hackers discover these holes, or vulnerabilities, they use them to access a computer, install malware and steal your personal and confidential information. 

Oracle’s Java software has had a number of these Zero-Day Vulnerabilities over the past year.  They are especially worrisome in that almost all computers have Java installed, since it is required for various web applications, putting your computer at risk.  While developers provide patches, they are sometimes too late, don’t fix all the exploitable vulnerabilities or are available for all the versions of the software. 

Below are links to Oracle’s web pages for uninstalling or disabling Java on your computer:

How to uninstall Java on Windows

How to uninstall Java on Mac

Verify your Java version

If you need Java, get the latest version

How to disable Java in your web browser

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Information Technology

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