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Responding to Radical Religion: Respect and Tolerance in Islam and the Abrahamic Traditions

Date: 4:00pm PDT March 31, 2010 Location: Stamm West; Templeton Campus Center

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    An Interfaith Panel from the Abrahamic Traditions Discusses Radical Religion

Stamm West; Templeton Campus Center

Gulzar Ahmed of the Greater Portland Interfaith Council (born and raised in Pakistan, educated in the US)  and the three staff members of the Lewis and Clark Chapel (Rev. Mark Duntley, Sister Loretta Schaff, and Rabbi Jonathan Seidel) join in discussion of the definition of “extremism” and “moderation” in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Where are models of moderate Islam historically and today? How does religion play a role in tolerance, moderation and consensus building? How might Christians, Jews and Muslims forge a new arena of “interfaith” that builds new coaltions of the optimistic and the hopeful? This presentation and panel will be of interest to students in political science, international affairs, religious studies and anyone interested in the new interfaith and multicultural trialogue that is emerging almost a decade after the crisis of 2001.

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Spiritual Life

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