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Eastern Columbia River Gorge Hike

Date: March 2, 2014

Sequoia Building

Trip-Signup Begins: Friday, February 7
Pre-Trip Meeting: Tuesday February 25 at 5:00 PM in Sequoia

Come explore the dry side (the east end) of the Columbia River Gorge, east of the town of Hood River.  This dramatic landscape, sculpted by the largest floods in earth’s geologic history, has spectacular hiking trails, lots less rain, and usually a good supply of sunshine.  Join us to get some exercise, fresh air, and to see spring come to the east side of the Cascade mountains.  There might be some poison oak to avoid and occasional ticks to brush off your clothes, but the scenery here is completely worth it!  We will hike up to some stunning viewpoints above the Columbia River.



45.445439115787; -122.671687367706