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Matthew Wong 16’
The things I envision in the capacity of this position is simple but I strive to make it meaningful: - empowerment and exploration of the potentials of the international students of this majestic institution - encouragement to international students to discover the possibilities and opportunities that are abound in this dynamic community - standing true and proud of the cultures, background and nations that we come from - re-appraising the expectations that we have as community of students and in the activities that we do - reevaluating our expectations we have about our roles vis-a-vis domestic (American) student - in light of above, making overtures to domestic student population and expecting them to do the same for us in order to create a meaningful relationship.
Hamdan Alameri ’18
Hamdan Alameri, AES representative Hamdan is a first year Economics major at Lewis and Clark College. While growing up in the United Arab Emirates, he published his first book, which was released last year. It included many meaningful stories that teaches children a multitude of lessons. Many scholars in his country have recognized Hamdan. He received the prestigiousZayed bin Hazaa Al Nahyan award for leadership. In Egypt he received third place in a competition for great speakers around Arabian countries. Hamdan has attended a wide variety of workshops in different areas such as leadership, time management, problem solving and more. In addition, he launched a club named “Egtanem Wagtek”in which he recruits children from his community to volunteer in many aspects of society, including assisting the elderly and helping with orphans. During his winter break, in December of 2014, Hamdan led two events for his club: a trip to Mecca and a festival for the children.





Angela An ’18

My name is Angela, and I am an international student from Beijing. I want to run for the position as vice president of ISLC board. I have been working as the Chairperson of Activities on board for my freshman year. I have created lots of events for international student this year in college. This job helped me getting a better understanding of college. By working with different offices in college, I got to know more people and learned how to communicate at work. I am confident in my skills of communication. I have been living in many countries in my life. By attending different schools in the world, I learned how to face various people from different culture. I can work with people from different backgrounds. If I can work as the vice president of L&C international community, I will do my best to fully meet my commitments about my position and make a successful International Fair.

Junnan Lyu
Hello! I am Junnan Lyu and running for the Vice President. As the current chairperson of publicity in ISLC, I am responsible for publicizing the actions and events of international student government towards whole student body. Our international fair is stepping into another half-century. From the feedbacks of students, I wish to make some evolutionary changes for our International Fair in the following year. Through more diverse media of art, I wish to show audiences different culture from more perspectives instead of purely singing and dancing. I am also aiming to enhance the communication and interaction between international students and student government and seeking to motivate more American students to be a member of this multicultural society rather an outsider. After making these changes, I would love to hear feedback from everyone, which will benefit the following evolvement of ISLC.







Helena Zi Huey Lam ’17
Hello, my name is Helena Zi Huey Lam. I am running to be the next ISLC Representative to ASLC. I have served on the ISLC Board as a Chairperson of Publicity in the year 2014/2015, in which I worked on promoting activities and events of the ISLC to the student body, as well as cooperating with other board members in creating and organizing these activities and events. I am committed to fostering a platform of efficient communications and exchange among international and American students. I would like to bring the ISLC to the LC community through more outreach and make the ISLC a dedicated and positive member on campus. I deeply believe that by uniting the student body, what we together can achieve is beyond limits. Thank you for your vote.