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Date: October 23 2012 5:45pm Location: J.R. Howard Hall

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J.R. Howard Hall



Attend up to four events over two evenings, and make or confirm your choice. Each gathering will start with a short presentation, so be on time! Students who register by October 19 AND attend their sessions will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $25 iTunes gift cards!

5:45pm Department Room Location
  Biology BioPsych Conference Room
  Foreign Languages Miller 3rd Floor Lounge
  Physics Olin 204
  Political Science Howard 302
  Religious Studies Howard 124
  Theatre Black Box
6:45pm Department Room Location
  Art/Art History Fields 205
  BCMB BioPsych Conference Room
  English Miller 4th Floor Lobby
  International Affairs Howard 102
  Philosophy Howard 259
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