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Diversity and Inclusion

Microaggressions: A campus climate conversation with Maura Cullen

Date: 11:00am - 12:30pm PDT September 30, 2015 Location: Stamm West

Stamm West

Please join the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion on Wednesday, September 30th from 11am to 12:30pm in Stamm West (on the CAS Campus) for the webinar, “Microaggressions: A Campus Climate Conversation with Maura Cullen” 

You may bring your lunch to eat while you listen/watch the webinar. This session is free and open to all Lewis & Clark staff and faculty (please secure permission from your supervisor to attend). 

Join us for this conversation with leading diversity expert, Maura Cullen, as she provides insight and suggestions for assessing and improving our campus climate. In a year that has seen tremendous upheaval, on campuses and in communities at large, it is critical to consider the role and responsibility each of us has in creating a safe and secure campus environment for our students, staff and faculty.

“It’s not a big deal.” We sometimes hear that after an insensitive comment is made. However, microaggressions have a cumulative impact and create divisions within communities. They can leave students feeling unheard, unsafe and unwelcome. Further, many times that insensitive comment is indicative of an undercurrent of racism and other social tensions on campus?

Students of today are becoming more and more active in confronting these acts. These students turn to your professional staff and faculty (particularly those staff and faculty of color) for assistance and support. In turn, some of these staff and faculty members begin to feel underappreciated and burnt out in the face of upheaval. At the same time, staff and faculty of dominant identities are beginning to feel that potential pitfalls and landmines are inevitable, leaving them at a loss for how to best support their colleagues and students with target identities.

Maura will discuss communication traps and how to avoid them, as well as what tools to use in their place. This webinar will include an extended Q&A, where Maura will engage in open-ended dialogue designed to get at the heart of how institutions can maintain a community of respect and open dialogue, in spite of today’s challenging social climate and growing tensions.

Participation Outcomes

Participants will take away:

  • Strategies for creating a more inclusive and socially just community — this looks very different than it did years ago.
  • Ways to confront non-inclusive behaviors appropriately, so the situation does not escalate and leave parties feeling unsafe and your institutional mission compromised.
  • Tools for identifying personal bias and stereotypes — and what to do about it.
  • The ability to recognize intersectionality and how it impacts the personal identity dynamic.
  • Common ground for conversation, so we can work together to assess our campus climate and put action steps in place for addressing issues in 2015-16.

For more information, please email Kristin Hutson at 

Registration for this event is now closed.

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