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Assistant Professor Andraé Brown contributes chapter to “The Black Male Handbook”

December 04, 2008

Andraé Brown, assistant professor of counseling psychology:

Brown recently appeared on a panel introducing “The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life,” a collection of essays about the political and social climate in the black community.  This book tells the stories of black males from the hip-hop generation and tackles issues on surviving and living in today’s world.  Brown’s chapter is titled “Moving Toward Mental Wellness,” and he will be hosting a seminar in February based on the work.

Brown’s “Moving Toward Mental Wellness” opens with a personal story about his father’s recovery from his fourth heart attack in ten years. Brown writes, “My father’s fight was not against flesh and blood but against the dark forces of the world. New combatants emerged daily, whether racism, sexism, corruption, police brutality[…]and he battled them all with great vigilance.”

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