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Editing an existing page

April 05, 2011

To edit a page you need first to be logged into LiveWhale. One way to do this is you can click the “Editor Login” text at the bottom right of your page to take you to the login screen.

Once logged in, a black bar appears across the page top. Click the “edit this page” link you will find on the left side.

You will notice a couple of things happen. One is, a box now surrounds the areas of the page template you can edit.

Second, a tool bar appears at the top to help you with things like bolding text, italicizing, header tags, bullets, links, adding images, and so forth. You can even click the “html” button to directly edit the source code.

Just click within the box to change or add text, links, or images as needed.

Be sure to hit “save changes” in the upper right when you are done!

(And as always, you may need to hit “reload” in your browser to see the changes you have made.)

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