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Marriages and Unions

May 28, 2011

Jessica Fleischer B.A. ’02 and Ivan Rascon, May 8, 2010. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jonas Lerman B.A. ’03 and Kristin Mjolsnes, August 14, 2010, in Bolinas, California.

Stephanie Rayburn-Tillson B.A. ’03 and Alex Tillson B.A. ’04, July 20, 2010, in Bridal Veil.

Karen Smith B.A. ’04 and Drake Durham B.A. ’04, July 17, 2010, in Welches. Those attending included Monique Leslie B.A. ’04, Anna Sharp-Whitcomb B.A. ’04, Amber Tatge B.A. ’04, Olin Laster B.A. ’02, David Muller B.A. ’04, Cash Skondin B.A. ’05, Jon Zintel B.A. ’04, Lena Schroeder B.A. ’04, Patrick Mirick B.A. ’04, Ben Luskin B.A. ’04, and Robert Fitzpatrick B.A. ’04. The groom’s parents are Kay Durham B.A. ’72, J.D. ’75 and Richard Metzger B.S. ’73.

Garrison Doctor B.A.’06 and Corinne Snooks B.A. ’07, September 12, 2009. Eden “Woody” Jones B.A. ’06, Angus Agnew B.A. ’06, and Phoebe Adams B.A. ’07 were in the wedding party. Durban Swartz B.A. ’07, Rebecca Engel B.A. ’07, John Hadidian- Baugher B.A. ’06, John Doherty B.A. ’07, Dain Kurita B.A. ’07, Jesse Thompson B.A. ’06, Katie Detwiler B.A. ’06 and Lexi Chatara-Middleton B.A. ’07 attended.

Kelly Meyer Christ B.A. ’06 and Scott Christ M.A.T. ’08, June 19, 2010. Nicole Seeley B.A. ’06, Josh Silverman B.A. ’06, Amelia Blakeman B.A. ’06, Cindy Talley B.A. ’06, and Liz Edwards M.A.T. ’08 attended.

Emily Brooks-O’Connor B.A. ’08, M.A.T. ’10 and Nick O’Connor, August 28, 2010. Adonica DeVault, associate director of Lewis & Clark’s Center for Career and Community Engagement, officiated. Laura Bonin B.A. ’07, Nicki Youngsma B.A. ’08, Jennifer Lesyna B.A. ’08, and Alyssa Bohner B.A. ’08, M.A. ’10 were bridesmaids. Jesse Brooks CAS ’14, the bride’s brother, served as a groomsman. Anna Donavan B.A. ’08, Averi Lohss B.A. ’07, and Evan Higgins B.A. ’08 were among the cherished friends and alumni who attended the wedding. The bride was escorted by her parents, Rebecca Brooks, administrative coordinator in Student Support Services, and Bob Brooks.

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