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Brad Jonas

July 26, 2011

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Brad Jonas, Senior

From: Littleton, Colorado

Exploring: English and psychology

Reading, writing, and…psych: I knew I would major in English, but psychology came as a surprise. A friend was really excited about his class, so I signed up to see what all the fuss was about. Now I’m a double major.

And for my third major: I would have added theatre as a third major, if I’d had time. I’ve taken playwriting and acting classes. I’m the coeditor of (Pause), a journal of students’ theatrical writing. I emcee the short-play festival, Once Upon a Weekend, every semester. I’ve acted in a play and had my own play, “The Not Very Good Detective,” produced in the Black Box theatre. In a bigger school, it might have been hard for a non-theatre major to get involved in so many things. But here, it’s easy.  

But seriously, folks: Being in an improv troupe was an important part of high school for me, and I missed that when I came to Lewis & Clark. So I started my own. I just set up a little table at the Activities Fair—anybody can do that—and my troupe, the Serious Club, has grown steadily ever since. Improv is a great stress reliever, especially during midterms. You don’t have to prepare anything, and there’s no script—it’s just an organized way to play. 

Life as improv: I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up, but Lewis & Clark has given me all the opportunities to figure it out. If you come here motivated and curious, you won’t be bored, ever. As we say in improv, put yourself out there and make yourself uncomfortable. Sign up for clubs, and take classes that you wouldn’t have imagined taking—those are sometimes the most enlightening.

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