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Carolyn Worthge

July 26, 2011

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Carolyn Worthge, Junior

From: San Mateo, California

Exploring: Sociology and anthropology and music

RA-OK: College is entirely different from high school, and the resident advisor (RA) in my first residence hall really helped me through that transition. She was always willing to talk. I became an RA as a sophomore so I could do that for other new students, and I stayed on campus as a junior so I could continue to do that. My advice: Get to know your RA. We’re here to hang out, support, counsel, provide opportunities, and make connections. Take advantage of that.

Living well: I live in a wellness-themed residence hall. It’s a really tight community of people with similar values about health and well-being. Other themed housing options range from environmental to multicultural, arts, and outdoor pursuits. It’s a great unifier—even though residents come from very different backgrounds, the themed halls bring them together based on the interests that they have in common.

Finding family: I tried out for an a cappella group on a whim the first semester of my first year, and the group has become a defining characteristic of my college experience. We spend so much time together, singing, arranging music, performing—there’s a great community there. The people in a cappella are like my second family.

No need to speak Greek: So there’s my residence community, my academic community, my a cappella community…who needs a Greek community? We don’t need that at Lewis & Clark. I’ve found my places here, as I think everyone does. It’s an eclectic place, with plenty of opportunities, and plenty of space for you to get involved in whatever you want to do.

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