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Information Technology

Dual Boot: Success!

September 01, 2011

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Information Technology piloted a program last spring semester in several classrooms which tested the use of dual-boot (Mac/Windows) computers. It proved to be a success, and we are pleased that all of Lewis & Clark’s technology enhanced classrooms are now set up for dual-boot. This new option allows the instructor to choose between Mac or Windows operating systems (OS) on the classroom computer, allowing much more flexibility in the classroom.

This new configuration takes a little longer (about a minute) to log into the Windows operating system in comparison to a strictly Windows desktop, so we recommend allowing a little extra time when using Windows in the classroom. Classroom computers will present users with a screen prompting the user to make a selection of operating system. Selecting Mac OS leads to a Mac OS login screen, while selecting Windows OS will reboot and load the Windows login screen. The Windows OS is also configured to restart instead of log out when the user has finished, allowing the computer to boot back to the OS selection screen.

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