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October 01, 2007

Ratings Rated

Thank you, Mr. Hochstettler, for your insightful letter in the summer 2007 Lewis & Clark Chronicle. As a parent of a sophomore student at L&C, I was pleased to read your thoughts concerning the national surveys of colleges and universities. Your decision to abstain from participation in the U.S. News & World Report survey represents integrity that we all need to see more often.

Laurie Schaetzel-Hill
Olympia, Washington

Kudos for Boys

A friend showed me his copy of the summer 2007 Chronicle magazine today. I especially enjoyed the article “What to Make of Boys?” and want to share it with my brothers in The ManKind Project, some of whom are active in the Boys to Men Mentoring Network.

I have been active in the Seattle “men’s movement” since the 1960s: YMCA Men’s Resource Center, Men’s Evolvement Network, Seattle Men’s Wisdom Council, A Gathering of Men, and, most recently, the ManKind Project/New Warrior Community and the Boys to Men Mentoring Network.

I hope that by participating in programs like these, I can help a young man grow up more secure and connected to the world–and less isolated and afraid–than I did.

I was also touched by the profile of Jeff Rose, principal of the Russell Academy of Academic Achievement. It reminded me that if we make the commitment and spend the time, our children can be successful … and that it all begins on the inside, with our beliefs about ourselves.

Thanks for reminding me that I can make a difference every day!

Mike Ramey
Seattle, Washington

Remembering John Anderson

I was saddened to read about the death of Professor John Anderson in the summer 2007 Chronicle. Dr. Anderson was the first professor I met when I arrived the fall of 1969. He became my advisor, and taught my first Western Civilization class my freshman year. I have fond memories of sitting in his office or in his classroom, listening to his wise and witty advice while he puffed on his pipe. He continued to be a part of my Lewis & Clark family for four years, and 10 years later, in 1979, he officiated at my marriage in the Lewis & Clark chapel. He shall forever remain a bright shining star in my sky.

Ann Inga Matteson Spencer B.A. ‘73
West Lafayette, Indiana

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