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Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid: Why we changed our name

December 20, 2011

Student Financial Services is now the Office of Financial Aid!

Why the name change?

  • We feel that our new name more accurately conveys the services we provide to our students and their families.
  • Our department falls under the purview of the Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid (as opposed to the Dean of Admissions & Student Financial Services). Changing our name to the Financial Aid Office clearly reflects this organizational structure.
  • Many LC community members already refer to our department as “Financial Aid.” It just makes sense!

One thing you might notice now that we’ve switched to this new name is that all of the URLs on our website have changed. We also have a new email address (although emails sent to will still be received). So please be sure to update your bookmarks and contact info.

Thanks for your patience as we complete this transition!

The Financial Aid Staff

Phone:  503-768-7090