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Estimated Financial Aid

July 10, 2009

Updated: 07/10/2009

Up until now, hard copy student account statements as well as “My Account Statement” on WebAdvisor displayed only activity that had actually occurred on your account. As of June 2009, this is no longer the case!

The initial paper statement of each semester now will display Estimated Financial Aid. Items showing as Estimated Financial Aid have not disbursed to your student account. They appear as estimated items in order to help you calculate what your portion of the balance is.  Remit payment of only those balances not covered by the net proceeds of fully processed financial aid.

If the various components of your financial aid award have not already disbursed to your student account, they will appear as estimated if you have completed the additional steps outlined in your financial aid award notice to secure funding. If anticipated financial aid funds are not disbursed to your account or listed as estimated, it may be an indication you need to take additional action. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services with any questions at 503-768-7090 or

Please note: Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds will not appear on the statement of account and may not be deducted from the balance of your student account. FWS earnings are disbursed directly to students in the form of a monthly paycheck, based on actual hours worked during the pay period.