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Lewis & Clark Art students invited as Visiting Artists to Reeds Art Week: Rupture

February 14, 2012

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Reed College

[ O U T E R ] Space Gallery seeks to deconstruct the traditional manner in which the public interacts with and exhibits art by breaking out of the confines of a typical gallery space. By varying the environments in which art can exist, the dialogue/relationship between the viewer and the art is transformed. For Reed Arts Week, the walls act as both gallery and art object: the space in which art is exhibited becomes the art itself. Questioning the role of the institution as the steward of art curatorship, the installation challenges the traditional “places” in which art is experienced. Over the course of RAW, [O U T E R] SPACE will perform a parody of how art institutions present themselves, to demonstrate how these practices suggest greater credibility. Using the remnants of the deconstructed ‘whitecube’ the sculpture will be presented in a natural environment, defamiliarizing an ordinary space through a simple alteration in the attempt to facilitate a deeper understanding of the capacity to fracture and tear down traditional forms, allowing for greater examination of the possibility of a fundamental reconstruction of art institutions.

For more information please visit the rupture website:

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