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Opportunities in Science at Lewis & Clark

2012 Rogers Research Program Brown-Bag Presentations

May 03, 2012

Olin Hall

Tuesdays 12:00-1:15, Olin 301
Presentations are free and open to the public
Dessert provided

Students discuss their research projects during a series of brown-bag talks on Tuesdays in June and July. Each presentation is 15 minutes; there are generally 3-4 talks per session. For more information about projects see Project Descriptions.



Research in the Vocal and Auditory Learning Laboratory
Student presenters: Devin Owen, Sereen Kawaldeh
Faculty Collaborators: Chris Olson and Claudio V. Mello

Parallel computing with higher-level languages and compelling examples
Student presenters: Christopher Mitchell, Miriam Robinson, Benjiman White
Faculty Collaborator: Jens Mache

Cybersecurity Competition Platform to Enhance Security Analysis Skills
Student presenters: Julian Dale, Evan Damon, Evaristo Laron III
Faculty Collaborator: Jens Mache


JUNE 12 - No brown-bags



Neural correlates of cognitive control of food-related stimuli in “external” and “restrained” eaters
Student presenters: Katherine Garvey, Allison Rotunno, Michelle Leon
Faculty Collaborator: Todd Watson

Investigating the biogenesis of lysosomes in a multi-cellular animal
Student presenters: Alec Barrett, Olivia Foster, Annalise Vine
Faculty Collaborator: Greg Hermann

River currents acting as a wave guide in the Columbia River Gorge
Student presenters: Alexander Anderson-Connolly, Theodore Stenmark
Faculty Collaborator: Jessica Kleiss



Mechanisms of memory formation and elimination
Student presenters: Magali Blanco, Hai Dao
Faculty Collaborator: Matt Lattal

Implication(s) of breathing motion on lung and liver cancer radiotherapy
Student presenters: Kyle Barton, Haixin Lu
Faculty Collaborator: James Tanyi

Ribosome biogenesis and export
Student presenters: Lucien Childs-Mitchell, Molly Leonard, Sarah Poggi, Edwin Shahravan
Faculty Collaborator: Deborah Lycan

Release and Retrieval of Dense-Core Granule Proteins in Hippocampal Neurons
Student presenters: Taylor Murphy, Daniel Shaver, Chris Untiedt, Aniqa Siddiqui
Faculty Collaborator: Janis Lochner/Bethe Scalettar



Genetic and Environmental Impact on Learning and Memory and Anxiety
Student presenters: Erin Bidiman, LaDajah Elliott
Faculty Collaborator: Jacob Raber

Electrodeposition of Transition Metal Oxide Thin Films for Energy Generation and Storage
Student presenters: Stephen Kubota, James Miyasaki
Faculty Collaborator: Anne Bentley

Biting the Bedrock: How Rivers Cut Through Landscapes
Student presenters: Duncan Hauser
Faculty Collaborator: Liz Safran

Serious Games for Creative Problem Solving and Healthy Behaviors
Student presenters: Daniel Blasher, Rose Lifschitz, Illana Livstrom, Esmeralda Vega
Faculty Collaborator: Erik Nilsen



Fundamental Mechanistic Investigations of (Pseudo)pericyclic and (Pseudo)coarctate Reactions via CASSCF, CASPT2, and DFT Computational Studies
Student presenters: Mackenzie Batali, Henry Kreiman
Faculty Collaborator: James Duncan

Artificial Intelligence and the Game of Go
Student presenters: Jet’aime Mullins, Nicholas Sylvester
Faculty Collaborator: Peter Drake

Noise from Quantum Interference to Measure Magnetic Fields
Student presenters: Emily Fagan, Alaina Green
Faculty Collaborator: Shannon O’Leary

Mapping neuronal circuitry using Brainbow zebrafish
Student presenters: Kyla Hamling, Ian Lake, Derek Warner-Reyes, Leah Weston
Faculty Collaborator: Tamily Weissman-Unni



Investigating the ecology of plant-microbe symbioses
Student presenters: Molli Bauke, Hannah Cohen, Luz Vega
Faculty Collaborator: Peter Kennedy

Structural Studies and Functional Characterization of Neurotoxic Venom Peptides from Sicariidae Spiders
Student presenters: Maya Bendifallah, Matthew Sims
Faculty Collaborator: Niko Loening

Mechanisms by which propeptides control protease activation and design new proteins
Student presenters: Josh Spegman, Katrina Hermoso
Faculty Collaborator: Ujwal Schinde

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