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Ivy Removal Along Path Behind Platt-Howard & Copeland

May 31, 2012

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    Taken by Katie Wright

On Tuesday, May 29 student workers of the Grounds Maintenance Staff finished pulling ivy along the path behind Platt-Howard and Copeland residence halls. An invasive plant, ivy is very difficult to remove. Using rakes, shovels and clippers, a group of five student workers pulled ivy off of nearby trees, as well as removed it from the ground. The process involved hacking, clipping, raking and rolling back the ivy by four feet. In some areas the ivy had entwined with Himalayan black berry bushes, another invasive plant. Both were removed over the course of two days. “It was kind of cool that we did it by hand. We didn’t use any herbicides to get rid of the ivy,” said Lucy Roberts, a student Grounds worker and junior here at Lewis & Clark. The newly ivy-free area will be planted with native plants.

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