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Last chance to save Weight Watchers on campus!

June 12, 2012

One week left to save Weight Watchers on campus!

LC’s Weight Watchers At Work group is at risk of being cancelled because our participation numbers are still low. This is such a great campus resource, we hope you’ll join us so meetings can continue!

Next week (6/19) will be the LAST MEETING unless a few more friends and colleagues can join us. While initial interest was high, we have not been able to meet the minimum number of participants that WW requires in order to host a workplace group. Visit today if you’re ready to join us, and use the company ID listed below.

I’ve been thinking about it…

Are you an eTools subscriber or a lifetime member willing to register through our portal and help raise our group’s numbers? You already know it’s a great program, won’t you help us keep this important campus resource going?

What if I’m busy or I don’t want to weigh in?

Busy schedules are the norm at LC – you can always sign in, weigh in and then leave if your schedule is busy…make it work for you.

Not ready to track food or weigh in? Skip it! There are other ways to participate in Weight Watchers and still make supportive, sustainable changes to your life. We think you’ll find the community keeps you coming back – we’re a fun, smart, welcoming group.

If only it wasn’t on a Tuesday…

You’re in luck! Future meetings are moving to Wednesdays at noon, based on participant feedback.

Follow the sign-up directions below or come to our last Tuesday meeting, 6/19 at noon in Miller 104. We can keep going with your help!

Okay, I’m in!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Visit the WW@Work Portal: and enter Company ID 15810 and Company Passcode WW15810 to add your membership to our campus group.

I have questions…

Want more info about the sign up portal? Email Alison Walcott at

Want to read about LC’s awesome group?

Want to know more about Weight Watchers?

See you Tuesday 6/19 at noon in Miller 104, and Wednesdays at noon after that! We can keep Weight Watchers at Work going on campus with your help!