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Q&A with Caroline Brown on the 2012 summer conference and youth camp season

June 18, 2012

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    Assistant Director of Conferences and Events Caroline Brown

This summer we welcome 25 conferences and youth camps, as well as alumni attending Reunion Weekend. Beginning this week and continuing through the first week of August, more than 1,200 summer conference and youth camp participants will visit Lewis & Clark, many staying overnight on campus. Whether the participants are first time visitors or have come to Lewis & Clark many times, we hope they will learn, grow, and enjoy their experience here. While visiting the College we anticipate that the participants will take time to explore our beautiful campuses, and learn more about the educational opportunities Lewis & Clark has to offer.

The Source checked in with Assistant Director of Conferences and Events Caroline Brown to learn more about the summer conferences and camps program, and the visitors coming to campus this summer.

How can we help to welcome these visitors on campus?

There are a few simple things everyone across the institution can do:

  • If you see someone on campus that looks like a visitor, give them a warm welcome.
  • Wear your name tag at all times so visitors can easily identify whom to ask for assistance.
  • Offer to give directions or answer questions for anyone who might seem a bit lost or confused.
  • Encourage visitors to explore the campus by visiting the Manor House, the College Bookstore, Templeton Campus Center, the rose garden, or your favorite spot on campus.

When will the visitors be on campus?

This summer a variety of activists, athletes, storytellers, and scholars will visit. One day you may hear a medley of languages being spoken, and the next day observe a devoted group of meditators gathering on the grass. The greatest number of visitors will come to campus during Reunion Weekend, June 22, 23, 24, 2012 and in the weeks following the 4th of July. The number of participants in each conference or camp group will range between 30 to 200 participants. Here is a list of conferences and youth camps we welcome this summer:

Conference Groups (Adults)
Youth Camps (Minors)