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We asked our Facebook fans to name their favorite Lewis & Clark event (here’s a sampling of responses):

June 05, 2012

It’s a tie: Luau and the Gender Studies Symposium.
Brian Federico B.A. ’05

The 48-hour film festival during finals week. Got to see Tron on the big screen in Templeton. It was RAD.
Larry Williams B.S. ’70

International Fair!
Rustam Kocher

Race Monologues
Alysia Yamasaki B.A. ’10

Miles O’Leary Mulcare B.A. ’04

Pumpkin catapult
Margot Black B.A. ’03

That first day in the spring when despite it only being about 55 degrees the clouds suddenly clear and everyone simultaneously notices the ground is dry and decides to get out their sheets and hang out in the sun. Happens every year.
Robert Monteiro B.A. ’11

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