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Aaron Mulkey

August 02, 2012

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    Aaron Mulkey

Born: 1979 in Bandung, Indonesia

Has lived in: Bandung and Salatiga, Indonesia and Fullerton, California.

What brought you to Lewis & Clark?

My wife Melody and I relocated from Southern California to Portland, Oregon in 2008. We wanted to be closer to our family and because we enjoy the nature and lifestyle here in Oregon! I decided on Lewis & Clark because I enjoy working with the people, love the college work environment, wanted to be in a supportive and collaborative HR office, and be able to grow in the field of Human Resources.

What is your background?

My parents moved from the US to Indonesia (South East Asia) back in the mid 1970s to work on the island of Java. I was born there during the time that they were studying the language in the city of Bandung. In 1979 we relocated to the central part of the island to a town called Salatiga where I spent 16 years and attended an international school (Mountain View International School).
After graduating from high school, I moved to California where I attended Hope International University and received my BA in Inter-cultural Studies. While studying at HIU, I befriended a host of international students and began working as an International Program Coordinator in the International Student office. My main responsibilities consisted of organizing extra-curricular activities for international students and assisting them with their adjustment to the US. After working there for five years, my wife Melody and I got married and relocated to Pasadena, California where we both worked at Fuller Seminary. After about one year, we decided to relocate to Oregon and ended up here at Lewis & Clark!

What countries have you visited?

During my spring break in 1998, I had the opportunity travel down to Ensenada, Mexico with a team of college students to build a house for a family. It was a great experience to work alongside my friends and make a difference in the lives of the family!
In the summer of 1999, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo and Nagano, Japan to volunteer as a camp counselor for two months. During this time, I met many Japanese university students and helped teach them English, go on a variety of field trips and participate in many other fun activities. The trip was a great opportunity to learn about the culture, people and language of Japan.
In the summer of 2000, I had the opportunity to travel to Chennai, India with a team of high school basketball players to host and teach Indian students how to play basketball. We traveled by bus, train, taxi, car, bicycle and visited many parts of Southern India! It was such a great experience interacting and working with the Indian kids!

What do you like about being a TCK?

Being a TCK and growing up overseas has given me tremendous opportunities to meet people from all around the world, from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions, languages and cultures. It has shaped my “world-view” and enabled me to see life from many different perspectives. I really value and treasure that!


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Third Culture Kids / Global Nomads

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