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Parking Permits for 2012-13

August 14, 2012

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

The Transportation and Parking Office is currently selling parking permits for 2012-13. All vehicles parked on the Lewis and Clark campus are required to display a parking permit. Parking permits will be required and enforcement begins, on 9/4/12 on all three campuses.

All students, faculty, and staff not purchasing an annual/semester parking pass still need to register their vehicles if it will be on campus any time during the year. To register your vehicle or purchase a pass, follow the link below to the Transportation and Parking Vehicle Registration & Parking Permits web page and follow the online instructions.

Transportation and Parking Vehicle Registration & Parking Permits

2012-13 Transportation and Parking Program

Complete Lewis and Clark transportation and parking information may be viewed at ‘Parking at Lewis & Clark’. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty, and staff to adhere to all parking Rules and Regulations of the College. For inquiries and requests concerning transportation and parking at Lewis & Clark, please call the Transportation and Parking Office at 503-768-7857 or email

Semester Parking Permits and Monthly Bus Passes: The College will continue to provide a 50% subsidy for the cost of monthly TriMet Bus Passes purchased for use by students, faculty, and staff. Daily trip tickets are not subsidized. Only Lewis & Clark students, faculty, and staff are authorized to purchase and use subsidized monthly bus passes. Information regarding semester parking permit and bus pass fees and purchase locations are available at Parking Permit Fees and Policies.

Alternative Modes of Transportation: Information about 2012-13 alternative transportation options can be accessed at the Alternative Modes of Transportation web page.

TriMet Bus Service to the Campus: TriMet #39 and connecting routes may be viewed on TriMet’s web page at

Daily Parking Passes and TriMet Trip Tickets: The daily parking pass fee is $4.00 per day for campus parking from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  However, after 4 pm daily passes will be available for a fee of $2.00. Please refer to for information about fees for daily parking passes, bus trip tickets, and purchase locations. 

Neighborhood Parking Adjacent to Campus Prohibited: Under a Conditional Use Master Plan Agreement with the City of Portland, Lewis & Clark is required to monitor and enforce a College parking regulation prohibiting college parking in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Parking Area Designations, Campus Parking Regulations, and Parking Violation Fines: This information can be accessed on the Lewis & Clark College transportation and parking web site at

Thank you,

Office of Transportation & Parking

For more information:

Transportation & Parking