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Tristan Parker

August 24, 2012

Hometown: My hometown is Sydney, Australia.

Previous Student Leadership: I served last year as the Natural Resources Committee Representative.

Goals: In my second year as a representative on the Natural Resources Committee, I hope to continue to promote a diverse range of courses within the Environmental and Natural Resource Law Curriculum. In particular, I have noticed a growing interest among students in the relationship between the private sector and environmental law, with the emergence of student organizations like SABER. I hope to build upon this high level of interest in supporting coursework, visiting lectures, and other opportunities that reflect the intersection of business and issues of environmental and natural resource law.

Moreover, as a member of the Sustainability Sub-Committee, I hope to continue to work with the Law School in enhancing campus sustainability, particularly with regard to Wood Hall’s energy efficiency. 

Something interesting about me: I spent the past two summers, working in Cape Town, South Africa.


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Natural Resources Committee Representative