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Law Student Bar Association

Phi Delta Phi

August 27, 2012

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Magister: Cher Underwood Forsberg

Historian: Danielle Myers

Exchequer: Heather Murray


Phi Delta Phi celebrates academic excellence and embraces the finest attributes of professionalism and scholarship. Since our founding, Phi Delta Phi has emphasized to students and lawyers alike the importance of our calling. Our active membership is drawn from those students of the law who not only have shown themselves companionable, but have manifested ability and industry in legal study. Similar to membership in Phi Beta Kappa in the undergraduate colleges and universities, membership in Phi Delta Phi is a mark of honor and distinction that follows one throughout life.


Academic achievement alone is not sufficient to give rise to an invitation to join Phi Delta Phi. Integrity, service, and excellence in all facets of human experience are considered factors for membership. In the words of our Phi Delta Phi forefathers, we intend that those so selected shall lead the legal profession. Once accepted, a member of Phi Delta Phi will be recognized as one whose moral compass, academic ability, and personal integrity is beyond reproach. In other words, membership is a mark of distinction.

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Cher Underwood Forsberg, Magister