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December 13, 2005

In the summer edition of the Chronicle, it was apparent that the editorial staff is unaware of Cappella Nova, the Lewis & Clark student choir. The Oregon Repertory Singers may be using Lewis & Clark to practice, but you should write an article on the wonderful choir that has been reestablished by Susan McBerry. They are your “choir in residence.” Having heard Cappella Nova in performance on several occasions this past year, I find them to be well worth your coverage and support.


Elaine West Durst ’69
Portland, Oregon


The Chronicle’s wide variety of interesting articles should be published more often. Putting so much information before us readers is a lot to absorb. I bet a lot of alums, parents, and friends of the College would agree with me. Well done!


John Bates’ goal to make the College’s Board of Trustees more visible to faculty, staff, students, and alums is long overdue. In the army, that’s what we call “closing up the ranks,” further solidifying those who make Lewis & Clark the college it is and can be.


Bob Godel ’51
Portland, Oregon


To all who pulled together the summer 2004 Chronicle,another outstanding issue in terms of content, use of photographs, and layout. We were proud of all Lewis & Clark publications back in the College’s centennial year, when Ann Bennett headed up publications and I was alumni director, and we’re certainly proud of them today. It is a visible sign of a highly regarded community of schools.


Wilson Hulley ’66
Chevy Chase, Maryland
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