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Int’l & Foreign Legal Research 597-S2 Canceled

October 16, 2012

Class size is limited to 25.


A foundation class for global law practice, this course explores strategies for conducting research in foreign, comparative and international law, using both electronic and print resources.  The course begins by examining the sources of international law, including treaties, cases from international courts and tribunals, and scholarly publications. Next is a section on finding the law of foreign nations, gaining an understanding of civil legal systems, and learning “work-arounds” when the sources are not in English. Using a problem-based approach, the class will then review the extensive on-line resources available for UN and EU research.  The course will conclude with specific research topics:  international environmental law, international litigation and dispute resolution, international trade, and human rights.


For evaluation, students will complete several short research assignments and will also explore a topic of their own choosing, resulting in the creation of a web-guide and a short class presentation.

For more information:

Int’l & Foreign Legal Research 597-S2 Canceled
Professor: Wendy Hitchcock
2 credits
Class meets:
Week 1 Tuesday, Wenesday & Friday
Week 2, Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Week 3  Wednesday & Friday
Week 4  Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Week 5 Monday & Wednesday
Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm  Room 7
 No Exam
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