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Ownership, Use & Preservation of Natural Resources 401-S1S

January 06, 2013

This is a survey course that focuses on the non-public land aspects of natural resources law. The course explores the field of natural resources law on a function-by-function approach, looking at how nature is divided into use rights, allocating those use rights, resolving conflicts over use rights, integrating use rights into landscapes, and adjusting and reallocating use rights over time. The class will also consider which use rights spring from land ownership, and which are severed, available for separate acquisition. The focus is mostly on state law with an examination of numerous natural resources, including water, wildlife, oil and gas, and mining, and even ice and seaweed. 

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Ownership, Use & Preservation of Natural Resources  401-S1S
Professor: Michael Blumm
2 credits
Class meets June 18 - July 1
Time:1:30pm - 4:30pm  Classroom: Smith
Exam: July 1
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