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German movies spring-2013

January 29, 2013

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Where?  Miller 105
When?  7 pm the following dates:


02/04/13:  Die Welle (The Wave)

Based on a real-life experiment that took place in a Californian high school, The Wave tells the story of a high school teacher’s unusual class experiment. In an attempt to demonstrate what life is like under a dictatorship, the teacher comes up with an experiment to explain to his students how totalitarian governments work/ A role-playing game with tragic results


02/18/13:  Chiko

The epic story of drug lords and ill gated friendships is brought to the screen in Chiko. Stopping at nothing and intimidating those who get in his way, Chiko earns the attention of the local drug lord, Brownie, who brings Chiko in to sell exclusively through him. The money begins to flow and it looks as though Chiko and his friends are one step closer to fulfilling their dreams. A white Mercedes, a chopper motorcycle, women, and influence – it’ll all soon be at their fingertips. But when Chiko’s closest and most trusted friend makes a grave mistake, he is forced to decide between wealth and friendship, power and loyalty.


03/04/13:  The Counterfeiters (Die Fälscher)

The Counterfeiters is the incredible true story of the largest counterfeiting operation in history, set up by the Nazis in 1942.

Salomon “Sally” Sorowitsch is the king of counterfeiters. He lives a bourgeois life of cards, booze, and women. Suddenly his luck runs out when he’s arrested and thrown into a Nazi concentration camp. His exceptional skills are spotted and he is forced to help finance the war effort and flood the British and American economies with fake currency.

Faced with a moral dilemma, Salomon must decide whether his actions, which could prolong the war and risk the lives of fellow prisoners, are ultimately the right ones.


03/18/13:  Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others, Academy Award ‘06)

In the early 1980s, Georg Dreyman (a successful dramatist) and his longtime companion Christa-Maria Sieland (a popular actress), were huge intellectual stars in (former) East Germany, although they secretly don’t always toe the party line. One day, the Minister of Culture becomes interested in Christa, so the secret service agent Wiesler is instructed to observe and sound out the couple, but their life fascinates him more and more.


04/05/13:  What a Man

30-year-old Alex discovers that his girlfriend Carolin has an affair with their neighbour, photographer Jens, and is forced to move out of their shared flat. He moves in with his friend, animal welfare activist Nele who has a long-distance-relationship with her French boyfriend Etienne who lives in China. Alex tries to find out why his relationship with Carolin failed and what actually constitutes a man. Meanwhile he and Nele who were in love with each other since primary school fall in love again.


04/22/13:  Soulkitchen


04/29/13:  The Edukators

Jan and Peter are the best friends behind the radical and mysterious group The Edukators, united by their passion to change the world.

When the rich go on vacation, The Edukators break into their homes. They don’t steal, but simply rearrange everything, leaving the message “Your days are numbered”. When Peter’s girlfriend Jule moves in, she joins them in their subversive activities. But when a rich businessman catches them in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of the greater good, or just in their own self-interest.


All movies will be shown in German with English subtitles.  Come and check out some of the most recent German movies!


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