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Information Technology

QuickBytes: LCdrive

February 05, 2013

QuickBytes are 20 minute sessions about a specific task or topic, followed by a 5 minute break in which to move between sessions. Mix and match your bytes and focus on the skills you’re most interested in!

Session 1 - Synching and Storing - LCdrive lets you store and access your files anywhere – on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go.  Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed LCdrive the next time your device has Internet access.

Session 2 - Sharing Files - LCdrive lets you share your files and folders with exactly whom you want at whatever level of access you choose. Collaborate in real time with colleagues, students, or friends. Stop sending email attachments and start sharing!

Session 3 - Organizing Your Files - LCdrive helps you get to your files faster using the power of Google’s search engine. Search for content by keyword and filter by file type, owner and more. LCdrive can even recognize objects in your images and text in scanned documents. Beyond searching, learn how to use folders and sorting to keep your files organized and accessible.