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June 13, 2005

Faculty Books

Socrates and the Immoralists Curtis Johnson, Pamplin Professor of Government, assembles an in-depth exploration of Socrates’ argument for the just life, focusing specifically on the dialogues with the immoralists Polus, Callicles, and Thrasymachus. His narrative illuminates the complexities of Socrates’ thought, showing the interplay of the seemingly contradictory parts of Socrates’ ambition and ultimately vindicating the overall coherence of his views. Lexington Books, 2005. 250 pages. $70. 

Jefferson’s Western Explorations: Discoveries made in exploring the Missouri, Red River and Washita by Captains Lewis and Clark, Doctor Sibley, and William Dunbar and Compiled by Thomas Jefferson, the Natchez Edition, 1806 Doug Erickson, archivist and head of special collections; Paul Merchant, manu- script specialist; and Jeremy Skinner, archives coordinator, coedited this facsimile of Jefferson’s 1806 report to Congress, which includes a scholarly introduction. Arthur H. Clark Company, 2004. 336 pages. $62.50. 

Alumni Books

What the Psychic Saw Brian Josepher ’90 tells the story of the 20th century in six chapters through fictionalized characters: a stand-up comedian, a Holocaust survivor, and a psychic who isn’t always accurate. Sterlinghouse Publisher, 2005. 220 pages. $12.95. 


The Colastic Moon Temple Joe La Fountaine ’97 chronicles “a night of terror” when two best friends house-sit in a strange old building. PublishAmerica, 2004. 66 pages. $14.95.


Gold Rush Saints: California Mormons and the Great Rush for Riches (Volume 7 of the series Kingdom in the West: The Mormons and the American Frontier) Kenneth Owens ’55 discusses the role and impact of Mormons in California during the Gold Rush era. Arthur H. Clark Company, 2004. 396 pages. $39.50.


Pederasts and Others: Urban Culture and Sexual Identity in Nineteenth- Century Paris William Peniston ’81 details same-sex sexuality among Parisian working and middle-class men in the 1870s. Harrington Park Press, 2004. 258 pages. $49.95.


The Temporary Life Eric Wasserman ’97 offers a short story collection brimming with humor and wit. Many of the stories focus on West Coast Jews struggling with life in the fast-paced city and suburban environment. La Questra Press, 2005. 201 pages. $13. 

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