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Burn Off Those Winter Calories

May 17, 2013

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Find yourself with a few extra pounds after our Portland winter?  Wanting to get started with a fitness program, have a little variety in your training, or continue to stay fit?  It’s time to join the Employee Fitness Summer Session. 


Our Physical Education & Athletics department is currently offering free employee fitness classes for staff and faculty.  Check out the schedule and join in!




“Promoting Fitness & Community”







Days & Times



Cardio Tennis

Phalkun Mam

M,W 12:00-12:45

Outdoor Courts

(Weather Permitting)

Cross Training &

Core Conditioning

Suzanne Brauer

Tu,Th 12:00-12:45

Mat Room &

All Around Campus


Suzanne Brauer

M,W 12:00-12:45

Mat Room

  • Held May 20-June 27
  • Classes will not be held on Monday, May 27th, Memorial Day Holiday
  • All classes are subject to change
  • Currently classes are free
  • If you have questions please contact Suzanne Brauer, Program Coordinator or the Instructors for availability, registration, and information





This group lesson requires no previous tennis experience.  It is done on a court with racquets and low compression balls.  The coach will keep the participants moving through easy conditioning drills by running and shuffling forward, backward, and side to side.  Please wear court shoes.  All levels of fitness can “improve their game” together.



This group fitness class will combine all the major components of fitness – cardio, strength, and flexibility – for a total body work-out.  Participant requests will determine the weekly work-out.  A variety of formats and equipment will be used.  All levels of fitness can “play” together.



This philosophy and method of training is designed to appeal to all interested in developing stability, mobility, flexibility, and total body integrated strength.  The mat exercises focus on functional center core conditioning, along with improving posture and alignment.  All levels of fitness can “engage the powerhouse” together.



Aqua Jogging is available during all Lap Swim times in the Indoor Pool.  For assistance with orientation and training, please contact Suzanne Brauer

Deep Water Running is also available during all Lap Swim times in the Indoor Pool.  For assistance with the specialized equipment, please contact Keith Woodard

CARE Walking Group will be meeting informally.  Check the CARE website for additional information (see Important Links).

Fitness Center & Weight Room Orientation & Consultation is available, if you are interested in Personal Training.  For an appointment, please contact Tom Flynn

Fitness Center & Weight Room Assistance is also available, if you are just interested in learning how to use the equipment.  For information, please contact Suzanne Brauer

Tennis Anyone?  Indoor Courts & Outdoor Courts will be available during Open Recreation Times.  Please check the current Facilities Schedule on the PE/A website.

Bicycle Commuters are welcome at The Bike Co-Op located on the west side of the first floor in JR Howard.  The current session schedule is posted on the door.

For more information:

Kari Uhlman, Training & Development