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Animal Law Review

Publication of Animal Law Review Vol. 19.2

July 30, 2013

Erskine B. Wood Hall

Animal Review is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 19, Issue 2. Complimentary copies are available outside the law review offices.


Consistently Inconsistent: The Constitution and Animals
Mariann Sullivan


A Slave by Any Other Name Is Still a Slave: The Tilikum Case and Application of the Thirteenth Amendment to Nonhuman Animals
Jeffrey S. Kerr, Martina Bernstein, Amanda Schwoerke, Matthew D. Strugar, and Jared S. Goodman

Lukumi at Twenty: A Legacy of Uncertainty for Religious Liberty and Animal Welfare Laws
James M. Oleske, Jr.


A Short History of (Mostly) Western Animal Law: Part II
Thomas G. Kelch

Empowering Market Regulation of Agricultural Animal Welfare through Product Labeling
Sean P. Sullivan


Bullhooks and the Law: Is Pain and Suffering the Elephant in the Room?
Trevor J. Smith


2012 Federal Legislative Review
Carolyn Greenshields and Kimberly White LaDuca

2012 State Legislative Review
Laura Hagen

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