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Campus Wi-Fi changes: SafeConnect

August 21, 2013

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New this fall is a less intrusive and faster way to securely connect to the wireless network.

When you first connect a wireless device, Clouthpath’s XpressConnect wizard will step you through the process of authenticating, configuring and connecting. Your first step is to connect to our public access network, LC Wireless.  Once connected, SafeConnect replaces Cisco Clean Access as the software we use to monitor connected devices and protect computers and institutional computing resources from malicious software and other security vulnerabilities.  Together XpressConnect and SafeConnect work with a variety of network capable devices from laptop computers to game consoles to get you quickly connected while ensuring you are protected against threats to your computer or network access.

How it Works

First, connect to our public network, LC Wireless.  SafeConnect quickly identifies wireless devices such as game consoles and connects them to the Internet using our restricted access LC Wireless network.  If you are connecting a computer, tablet or smartphone, open a web browser such as Safari or Internet Explorer to start the XpressConnect wizard.  Students, staff and faculty will be led through the following process to connect to our secure wireless network.      

  1. Accept use terms

  2. Authenticate with SafeConnect (LC login and password)

  3. Install required software and security certificates (Computer login and password)

  4. Enable installed security certificates (LC login and password)

  5. Connect to LC Secure network

Once enabled, security certificates are valid for an entire semester and you will have complete Internet access as soon as you connect to LC Secure.  You no longer need to enter your LC login and password each time you connect before browsing the web, emailing, printing, or accessing other network services.

SafeConnect on your Computer

As part of the installation process, a special SafeConnect Policy Key is installed on computers and other devices we monitor for up-to-date antivirus software and security patches.  Unlike Cisco Clean Access, the SafeConnect Policy Key continuously validates that your system is up-to-date.  There is no need to wait for a lengthy system check to be performed each time you connect to the network.  If SafeConnect reports that your system requires updates, you will be connected to a restricted network until updates have been downloaded and installed.

Guest Access

Visitors and guest can create a guest login for general Internet access on our unsecured LC Wireless network.  Guest logins are good for nine hours.


For more information:

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