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Reflections on Former President Howard

October 03, 2013

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“He was open to almost any idea. He wanted to make Lewis & Clark the most exciting place you could think of.”
Don Balmer, U.G. Dubach Professor Emeritus of Political Science

“What was it like to work with Jack Howard? If I had to use only one word, I would say ‘stimulating.’ Buildings were always in progress. Ideas were flying. Styles were clashing. Jack was always on the cutting edge.”
John Brown, Former Dean of the Faculty and Provost

“Jack was one of the primary movers who fought to have the law school merged with the college and accredited nationally. His firm leadership in the law school’s development—against some strong resistance at the time— now shows his vision was monumental.”
Ron Lansing, Professor Emeritus of Law

“Precious was each occasion experienced with Jack Howard. His vitality, imagination, and inspiring leadership were determining elements in Lewis & Clark’s advancement and maturation.”
Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. ’64, ’65, ’66, Life Trustee

“Jack engaged everybody on campus. He knew everybody by name. When students returned from their overseas study programs, he and Ruth invited them to their home for dinner. They had amazing dialogues. It was a way for him to take the pulse of students.”
Dell Smith, Professor Emeritus of Health and Physical Education

“Jack was a man of great imagination. His natural reaction was to reply in the positive to a problem. If dorm space hadn’t been at a premium in the early 1960s, we may not have launched the overseas study program at that time.”
Hester Turner, Former Dean of Women, Former Dean of Students

“When I was a student, the college lost a significant gift due to a controversial speaker I helped bring to campus. I felt terrible and went to Jack. He said, ‘The liberal arts are about discourse— you learn from people you agree with but maybe more from those you disagree with.’ It’s a moment I return to again and again. His comment helped crystalize my own educational philosophy.”
Amelia Wilcox B.A. ’81, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Former President of the Board of Alumni

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