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E&D Colloquium Series. Unable to Attend? Watch the Video!

September 07, 2010

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Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Unable to attend the lecture?  No Worries!

For your convenience, lectures will be available in audio/video format approximately one week after the date of lecture.


Fall 2013

NSO Kick-off Lecture - “William Stafford: Poetry, War and the Process of Writing”

Guest panelists:

Dr. Pauls Toutonghi, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Cari Coe, Assistant Professor of International Affairs

Dr. Jerry Harp, Assistant Professor of English


Fall 2012

NSO Kick-off Lecture - “The Stories We Tell”
Guest panelists:                                                                                            

Dr. Brian Detweiler-Bedell, Assistant Professor of Psychology; 

Dr. Liz Stanhope, Associate Professor of Mathematics;

Dr. Bruce Suttmeier, Associate Professor of Japanese.

“The Book of Job” 
Guest panelist:

Dr. Rob Kugler, Religious Studies  
Dr. Matt Johnston, Art History  

“Euripides’ ‘The Bacchae’” 
Guest panelist:

Dr. Stephen Weeks, Theatre  
Dr. Kristin Fujie, English  
Dr. Pauls Toutonghi, English  

“Plato’s ‘Trail and Death of Socrates’” 
Guest panelist:

Dr. Gordon Kelly, Classical Studies  
Dr. Maureen Healy, History  
Dr. Nick Smith, James F. Miller Professor of Humanities  

“Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’” 
Guest panelist:

Dr. Maureen Reed, American Studies  
Dr. Mike Mirabile, Comparative Literature  
Dr. Rishona Zimring, English  
Spring 2012

Guest panelist:

Dr. Jennifer LaBounty, Psychology 
Dr. Pauls Toutonghi, English  
Dr. Stephen Weeks, Theatre.

Guest panelist:

Dr. Joel Martinez, Philosophy  
Dr. Andrew Bernstein, History  

“How do Muslims view Science and Evolution?” 
Guest Speaker:

Salman Hameed, Director of the Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies (SSiMS) and Assistant Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities at Hampshire College.

Guest panelist:

Dr. Isabelle DeMarte, French  
Dr. Peter Drake, Computer Science  
Dr. Jane Hunter, Associate Dean of CAS
Question and Answer Session.

Guest panelist:

Dr. Todd Watson, Psychology  
Dr. Daena Goldsmith, Rhetoric and Media Studies  

Guest panelist:

Dr. Lyell Asher, English  
Dr. Rob Kugler, Religious Studies  
Dr. Nicholas Smith, Philosophy  

Fall 2011

NSO Kick-off Lecture - “Things”
 Guest panelist:                                                                                            

Dr. Dawn Odell, Assistant Professor of Art History, chosen by last year’s students as Teacher of the Year; 

Dr. Cliff Bekar, Associate Professor of Economics;

Dr. Jay Odenbaugh, Associate Professor of Philosophy.

“Three Ways of Looking at the Hebrew Bible”
Guest panelist:
Dr. Joel Sweek, Religious Studies 
Dr. Ralph Drayton,History of Science  
Dr. Maureen Reed, American Literature.
Euripides, The Bacchae
Guest panelist:
Dr. Rishona Zimring, English 
Dr. Eddie Cushman, Philosophy 
Dr. Stepan Simek, Theater
Plato, Five Dialogues
Guest panelist:
Dr. Jerry Harp, English  
Dr. Becko Copenhaver, Philosophy
The Gospel According to Matthew
Guest panelist:
Dr. Susan Morrill, Religious Studies
Dr. Ben David, Art  
Guest panelist:
Dr. Paul Powers, Religious Studies
Dr. Rachel Cole, English  

Spring 2011:
The Science and Culture of Food 
Janis Lochner,
 Professor of Chemistry
Barry Glassner,
 President, Lewis & Clark College
Bob Goldman (part 1), Professor of Sociology (part 2 of Goldman lecture)
Question and Answer Session  (part 2 of Q&A)
Read the PioLog Article on E&D lecture series.
Is There A Scientific Method?
Liz Safran, Associate Professor of Geological Science
Cliff Bekar, Associate Professor of Economics
Jay Odenbaugh, Associate Professor of Philosophy
What is Modernity?
Maureen Healy, Associate Professor of History
Rishona Zimring, Associate Professor of English
Paul Powers, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Question and Answer Session
What is Natural?
Greta Binford, Associate Professor of Biology
Jerusha Detweiler-Bedel l, Associate Professor of Psychology
Reiko Hillyer, Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Question and Answer Session

 Is Conflict Bad?
Elliot Young, Associate Professor of History
Janet Davidson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Bob Mandel, Professor of International Affairs
This lecture will not be videotaped.

Fall 2010:
Matthew Through the Ages: Co-optation to Colonization
Guest panelist:
Rob Kugler, Professor of Religious Studies
Oren Kosansky, Assistant  Professor of Anthropology
Todd Lochner, Associate Professor of Political Science.
Question and Answer session.
Freud on Science, Art and Religion
Guest panelist:
Alan Cole, Professor of Religious Studies
Rachel Cole, Assistant Professor of English
Brian Detweiler-Bedell, Associate Professor of Psychology.
Question and Answer session.
The Trial and Death of Socrates: Plato’s Dialogues
Guest panelist:
Bjorn Stillion Southard, Communications
Nick Smith, Philosophy
Ambiguous Aeneid
Guest panelist:
Ben David, Art History
Gordon Kelly, Classical Studies
Wrestling with the God(s): Genesis and Exodus
Guest panelist: Jerry Harp, English; Paul Powers, Religious Studies; and Rob Kugler, Religious Studies.
Guest panelist: Mary Szybist, English; Matt Johnston, Art History; and Becko Copenhaver, Philosophy.
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