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Information Technology

Using StrengthsQuest Themes to Supervise Student Employees

January 22, 2014


Relator?*Learner?*Communication?*  …do these sound like you?  

Discover your top 5 StrengthsQuest Themes as you support your student employees in their work with the college and as they prepare to be young professionals.  

Limited to 15 student employment supervisors per session and required registration by the 21st.  All participants will complete a 45 minute survey and print results
prior to the session.  Once you have registered, you will receive additional information from the CDC to complete the SQ inventory.

Led by Adonica De Vault, Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology 

Associate Director, Career Development Center and

StrengthsQuest Facilitator 


Jen Schmidt, ’12 International Affairs with minors in Gender Studies and Economics
Student Employment Coordinator, Human Resources


Register here.