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Academic English Studies

AES Alumna & LC Psychology Major Presents to Current AES Students

February 16, 2014

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    Massarra Eiwaz Presents Research

Massarra Eiwaz, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, studied in the Academic English Studies (AES) program. While in AES, Massarra participated in a poster session as an activity in Ursala McCormick’s Environmental Development and Food course. In Fall 2011, Massarra started to transition out of full-time AES studies; she selected Psychology as her major. Massarra received a Miller Award internship, which gave her the opportunity to work in a research lab. In Fall 2013, Massarra participated in Lewis & Clark College’s Student Research Poster Session. It was held during the Science Without Limits Symposium. Massarra’s poster was connected to her work done for one and a half years as a research assistant in Dr. Jacob Raber’s Behavioral Neuroscience Lab at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).

Massarra’s current research in Dr. Raber’s lab focuses on cancer patients. This has allowed her to develop a better understanding of how people get diagnoses of multiple types of cancer. She has examined how different gene traits could affect patients’ response to treatments, specifically ApoE type 4 protein (the type of protein which is the lab’s primary interest), and how by cognitively testing patients we will be able to know the effects of radiation therapy on brain functions. Some forms of cancer are influenced by environmental factors, such as lung cancer, which is mostly caused by first and second hand smoking and air pollution.

This connection to environmental awareness led Massarra to present to current AES students in Julie Vorholt’s Environment course. Massarra shared her poster from the Science Without Limits Symposium and described her work. The class was very interested in meeting Massarra and learning about her research.


Article written by Massarra Eiwaz and Julie Vorholt