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Summer 2014: Paint Crew Student Employees

June 23, 2014

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    Belen Gimenez '16 and Valcourt Honore '17 of Paint Crew 2014.

The Q&A is the second in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.


Over the course of the entire summer, 22 different students work as a part of the Facilities Paint Crew. Richard Austin and Leon Grant—full time painters with Facilities—organize a schedule for the crew to tackle the 23 residence halls on campus. Student workers clean and repaint the hall walls, which experience a lot of wear and tear over the semesters. For so much work in such a short period of time, the campus relies heavily on student workers from the Paint Crew.


The following Q&A features Paint Crew student workers:

  • Belen Gimenez ’16, Psychology
  • Daniel Choconta ’16, Foreign Languages & International Affairs


What will you take from this experience to future jobs?

Belen: Determination and the experience of getting to work on time. It’s basically experience of having a full-time job.

Daniel: Experience in a new area of work. Manual labor is a different sort of work than I’ve done in the past, so it balances me, it diversifies my skill set.


Favorite part of summer work for Lewis & Clark?image

Belen: Summer in Portland! And meeting students under different circumstances. It feels like you’re really meeting them as people.

Daniel: The opportunity to stay in Portland. The LC staff were really accommodating and understanding during my job search. Also, we see a part of the school that we normally don’t during the semester. It’s cool to see the backstage action. It makes me aware of the amount of work that goes into maintaining our beautiful campus. And we get to experience the diversity of the staff at LC!


Advice for future Lewis & Clark students?

Belen: Try out jobs - take advantage of the work to get experience before you graduate and go into the real world.

Daniel: Get out of campus as much as you can - be adventurous! And don’t take yourself too seriously.


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