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Summer 2014: General Maintenance Student Employees

July 18, 2014

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    Justin Leathers '15 and Darius Grays '16 set up tables for a campus event.
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    Rudy Black '16 powerwashes the outdoor tennis courts.

This Q&A is the fourth in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.


Students on the General Maintenance crew cover a wide variety of tasks on campus. They help with event setup and cleanup, from graduations to Alumni Weekend to New Student Orientation. Students are also responsible for general tidiness on campus. They maintain campus signs, trash enclosures, roofs, and roadways. The work done by the general maintenance crew helps full-time staff, who are often busy with large projects. It also keeps campus clean and welcoming for visiting prospective students and special event guests (of which there are many - check out LC’s summer events!). Working with Facilities gives students the opportunity to develop a professional routine, gain a new appreciation for campus, and meet fellow students outside of classes.


The following Q&A features General Maintenance student employees:

  • Michael Hawkins ’17, Rhetoric & Media Studies
  • Rudy Black ’16, Philosophy


imageWhat will you take from this experience to future jobs?

Michael: Getting used to getting up early in the morning and getting to work on time!

Rudy: This job has made me a morning person, I love mornings now.

Michael: And the people we work for are great, I hope I have a boss like Janice again.


Favorite part of summer work for Lewis & Clark?

Michael: Working on campus gives me a new perspective for the school. I see things that I never would have before – it makes me feel more a part of LC.

Rudy: Yeah, we get to see the underworld of LC. I like meeting Facilities staff and seeing how much work they do. Students don’t see how much work is really put into campus.


Advice for future Lewis & Clark students?

Michael: Don’t be scared to go out and talk to people. That’s how you get a job!image

Rudy: Yeah, and clean up after yourself. A lot of what Facilities does is cleaning up after student messes. Students either don’t realize that or don’t care, but it’s important. It’s a lot of work.

Michael: Yeah, don’t litter or skip hall chores. Somebody down the road is gonna have to clean that up.


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