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May 28, 2009

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Undergraduate Campus

Years at Lewis and Clark: 4

Role: undergrad student, former SEED President, 2009 Sustainability Coordinator, Editor of Sustainability is Sexy

Favorite book recently read: The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner

Favorite Portland restaurant: The Lucky Lab

Why do think sustainability is something the LC should pursue:

I think that if we, the community for a highly educated liberal arts college with lots of money to throw around, can’t become a more sustainable place then there isn’t much chance of anyone else doing it.

What do you want the school to accomplish in the next four years to become more sustainable:

I’d like to see students getting more involved in pushing the school to become sustainable in the way they want it to. I’d like to see a successful car and bike share program set up and also a campus farm where students can grow their own food. The process of sustainability only works if everyone on campus is engaged in that process and we can create structures that encourage that engagement.

What things do you personally do to reduce your environmental impact:

I love to ride my bikes around town or take the bus. I take the train or rideshare whenever I travel. My house has a compost system set up so that our chickens coop goes into the compost bin. I love preparing food from scratch instead of eating processed food. I also am vegetarian except for salmon. 

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