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May 28, 2009

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Rogers Hall

Years at Lewis and Clark: 16

Role: Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Favorite book you read lately: Power and Place: Indian Education in America/ by Vine DeLoria and Peter Wildcat

Favorite portland restaurant: Cafe Mingo

Why do you think sustainability is something Lewis & Clark should pursue:

Institutions of higher education need to model what it means to live lightly and equitably on the planet.

What would you like the school to accomplish in the next four years to become more sustainable:

Make significant progress toward becoming carbon neutral, including the purchase of carbon offsets for all campus related air travel.

What things do you personally do to reduce your environmental impact:

Compost, avoid use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, eat lower on the food chain, regularly use public transportation, use compact fluorescents, minimize unnecessary purchases, include carbon offsets in cost of air travel, grow and raise some of my own food, recycle as much as we can, short showers, etc.

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