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Summer 2014: Administrative Student Employees

August 12, 2014

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    Facilities Student Admin Crew: Ryan Francis, Hannah Stoddard, Sophie Swenson, Julia Lanning, and Josh Freeman.
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    Sophie Swenson '16 loads cylinders for graduate campus keys.
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    Hannah Stoddard '16 runs the front desk.

The administrative student crew helps with a variety of tasks within Facilities. Their work ranges from helping with administrative tasks around the office (like bookkeeping) to creating graphics. Sophie Swenson shares her work experience as a locksmith apprentice: “I mostly go on work order runs, remove doorknobs, fix cylinders inside of locks so keys work properly, and install and make both cylinders and keys.” She also works on separate projects when another staff member needs help—like running the front desk from time to time. Julia Lanning creates graphic designs and maintains the Facilities website, whereas Josh Freeman, as the campus planning assistant, archives architectural plans and documents campus history.


The following Q&A features Grounds Crew student workers:

  • Josh Freeman ’16, History
  • Sophie Swenson ’16, Theater
  • Julia Lanning ’15, Philosophy
  • Hannah Stoddard ’16, International Affairs


What will you take from this experience to future jobs?

Josh: How to adapt and juggle multiple tasks.

Julia: Experience with working independently and as a part of different teams to get things done on a deadline.

Hannah: The ability to work independently. I’ve definitely learned how to work and communicate with a diverse group of people, plus I’ve gotten more efficient at completing tasks.


Favorite part of summer work for Lewis & Clark?

Josh: I get a behind the scenes look at how the campus operates.

Sophie: The hours—getting up and out early is nice. They treat their student workers very well. And it’s fun to hang out with other student employees.

Julia: I love the variety of work in Facilities - I get to work with all kinds of people!

Hannah: I like working with other students and meeting people outside of my immediate friend group. It’s nice to meet students outside of an academic setting.


Advice for future Lewis & Clark students?

Josh: Branch out! Apply to a lot of jobs, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Sophie: If you’re offered work study, DO IT! There won’t be a better job than being a student worker—they treat you really well and it’s good experience.

Hannah: Definitely get as involved in as many things as possible, because the more connections you have on campus, the better. It’s awesome to see all different aspects of what happens on campus – there’s a lot more than just academics. A lot goes into making Lewis & Clark what it is.


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