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Juniper Photos: Cost and energy efficient

July 24, 2014

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    The entire building is super insulated, reducing the cost of heating and cooling.
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    The windows in Juniper are fitted with trickle vents, which allow for ventilation without opening the window.

Many students are anticipating the opening of the upgraded Juniper Hall this upcoming fall semester. This article is the first in a series about Juniper’s new features.

The new Juniper building will feature:

  • All new exteriors with tight weatherproofing and super insulated walls. Spray-foam insulation accounts for every nook & cranny; it protects against both extreme temperatures and wind chill.
  • Electronic heating, as it is the most cost- and energy-efficient. Individual rooms have their own heaters and thermostats.
  • New high-efficiency windows with trickle vents, which allow ventilation without opening a window. Easy to get fresh air!
  • PEX piping which is easier to work with and more durable than copper pipes.


From the very beginning of the project, the facilities planning department and the building contractors have put considerable thought into Juniper. For instance, super insulating the building is worth the initial cost, because it will require less energy to heat Juniper. Over time, that saves the college a lot of money and reduces our environmental impact. Similarly, putting an electric heating system into Juniper not only saves money and reduces energy used, it’s also the most durable system and will hold up over the years to come.

Students are eager to share their excitement about the project. “It’s easy to say that you’re eco-friendly, but rarely do people really invest the time and energy it takes,” says Julia Lanning, ’15. “It feels good to see how invested Lewis & Clark is. Plus, any money the school saves on Juniper can go to other projects, like student scholarships or upgrading other dorms!” Hannah Stoddard, ’16, agreed. “It makes me proud to go to LC. The amount of thought that went into this project shows how much they care about their students.”

The next article will focus on the features of dorm rooms and interior spaces - stay tuned!

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